Which Digital Product Sales Platform Should You Use to Sell Your Information Product?

By | June 15, 2020

Once you’ve created your information product, you need to find a way to sell and deliver it to your customers. There are dozens of sites with a variety of features to help you.

Here are a few options you should consider…

JV Zoo

This is one of the most popular websites for selling digital products and you can sell just about any virtual product through their site including video courses, MP3 audio files, workbooks, checklists, and more.

One of the draws of JV Zoo is that affiliates love it. When they’re looking for a product to promote, they usually look on JV Zoo’s marketplace first. The reason that affiliates love JV Zoo is because sellers can set commissions to be instant. That means the moment they sell your product, they get the money in their account. There’s no waiting period or worrying that they won’t be paid.

Warrior Plus

The Warrior Plus network is an online platform for individuals to launch and release information products into a marketplace for others to purchase either through an affiliate or the creating vendor.

The platform primarily highlights in the business opportunity niche, although there is no specified limitations on topic and range.

The network has product creators that sell eBooks, software, instructional guides, video courses and membership programs.


Another online platform is Clickbank. You can find products to promote as an affiliate, buy products, and sell your own information products. People can also promote your products as an affiliate.

One of the best things about Clickbank is the variety of niches you’ll find there. Almost every niche has a presence on this platform. Another is that they have their own shopping cart system so you don’t have to worry about taking payment or making payments to your affiliates. All of that is done for you.


If your information product is a digital course, you might consider using an online learning platform like Udemy. The advantage of using Udemy is that the platform is large and millions of people log into the website each day.

This marketplace is filled with students who are ready to buy and have their credit card in hand. They are only waiting to find which item best fits their needs. All you have to do is meet their needs, show them your course benefits, and let your persuasive sales copy do the selling for you.

Amazon Kindle Publishing

If your digital product is mainly text and is original, you may want to consider Amazon’s Kindle Publishing program. You can set your own price and keep 70% of the profits. If the reason you’re creating a digital product was to establish your expertise, then Amazon might be the way to go. In addition, you can create a physical version of your digital book. If you buy a few copies of your physical book, you can sell them at conferences, seminars, and other local or live events.

Your Website

If you already have a WordPress website, you don’t have to go with a third-party marketplace. You can sell your product directly from your website with a plugin. A popular plugin for this is WooCommerce. It’s free and it’s a simple way to create a virtual store on your website. WooCommerce does have some premium features that you may want to get. However, if the free version meets your needs, you don’t have to pay for the premium options.

Another option for digital sales is aMember Pro. The aMember Pro software is an all-in-one option. Like WooCommerce, you can use it to sell digital products. However, it has many more features, such as a built-in affiliate program feature, email and marketing features, etc. This software is much more robust and versatile, especially when you get any additional plugins you need. It’s premium software, so you can expect to pay a yearly fee for access to VIP updates and support.

Don’t be afraid to try out a platform for a few days and see what it does. If you decide you don’t like it, you can experiment with the others until you find the one that works best for your business.

Reggie Patterson is a full time mid-level internet marketer. He specializes in Youtube, inbound marketing, product creation, membership sites, affiliate marketing, and helping others do the same.