Top 10 Reasons To Create Your Own Information Product Now

By | June 8, 2020

You’ve heard the stories. You’ve read the blog posts and you’ve watched as other marketers succeeded with selling information products. You’d like to give it a try yourself but you’re still on the fence. Here are ten reasons you should start creating your own information product today…

Reason #1: Learn New Skills

Creating an information product isn’t just about coming up with content. It also requires learning how to package that information, how to write sales copy, and how to set up a shopping cart for your digital product.

Reason #2: Make Money

Unless you already have a big email list or are close friends with people that do, you’re not going to make enough money to retire. Not right away. But that doesn’t mean you won’t earn some money. With info product sales, you could easily make enough to cover your car payment or rent.

Reason #3: Grow Your Community

An info product is a great way for more people to discover you. When they’re online searching for a solution to their problems, they’ll see your product and click-through to your website. Some of these visitors can go on to become your biggest supporters and may end up buying every product you release.

Reason #4: Look like an Expert

When people in the media want to interview or talk with an expert or topic authority, they start their search by looking at books and info products. If your product catches their eye, you’re more likely to be invited to participate in the event.

With that in mind, the more quality information products you have available and the more places that feature your work or advice, the more you are seen as an authority in your niche.

Reason #5: Land Speaking Gigs

Some information product creators have even gone on to get speaking gigs. Imagine getting paid to travel and share your message with audiences around the globe.

Reason #6: Leverage Your Time

If you find yourself answering the same questions from your customers again and again or if you’re always explaining a few key concepts, then creating an information product might be a good fit for you. When someone approaches you with looking for advice, you can direct them to your product.

Reason #7: Impact More People

Unfortunately, you can only help so many people in a one-on-one environment. Your impact is limited by your time….unless you release an info product. Then you can multiply your impact by reaching even more people without risking burnout.

Reason #8: Embrace a Flexible Schedule

The great thing about creating and launching digital products is that you can do it on your own schedule. Unlike other business models, you can work on your products whenever you want. That means you’re free to go on vacation when you want, take a sick day, or even go on sabbatical.

Reason #9: Develop a Network of Affiliates

Building a network of affiliates is one of the best things you can do for the health of your online business, which is why launching products is so important. It gives you a chance to connect with potential affiliates and share what you’re doing.

Reason #10: Automated Delivery

When you’re selling tangible goods, your job doesn’t end just because a sale came in. You still have to package, ship, and track the item. However, with digital products, the delivery is automated. Once the sale is made, you can relax and enjoy your profits.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance and create an information product. It can be a wonderful way to build your business and grow your community.

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Reggie Patterson is a full time mid-level internet marketer. He specializes in Youtube, inbound marketing, product creation, membership sites, affiliate marketing, and helping others do the same.