The Amazon Secret Everyone Missed

By | May 6, 2020

Starbucks has over 170,000 ways to customize your drink. The milk, the syrup, the sugar, the sugar alternatives, the sizes, the foams… it’s nuts

But it ain’t just Starbucks. 

Want to stream a show or movie?

It’s hard enough to pick between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Disney+. But then you have to sift through thousands of titles.

Half the time I feel I spend more time looking for something to watch than actually watching something. 

If you came before the millennial generation, this has not been your experience for a good part of your life. But most millennials, good or bad, have grown up to expect to have it exactly how they want it… 

…and have it on demand! 

It wasn’t a coincidence that McDonald’s did a whole ad campaign on “have it your way.” 

We could debate on whether they’re an entitled bunch or not, but I don’t think that’s going to make any of us any money. 

Or we can embrace the fact that millennials think it is normal to buy whatever they want from a place they’ve never been to and have it show up in perfect condition on their doorsteps two days later (or less). 

And millennials are entering their prime spending years. 

Online, they have more spending power than any other generation. 

The brand they most trust? 


You see, Jeff Bezos is no fool. He saw this coming decades ago. If you look at the Amazon logo, do you see that little smiley face? It starts at the A and ends at the Z. 

Amazon wants to be the A to Z store, the everything store.

If you want it, and you want it in pink with polka dots and exactly 6 inches in diameter, Bezos doesn’t think that is unreasonable at all. He wants you to want the most specific, obscure things so he can crush the traditional retailers like Walmart, who can’t stock those things in physical stores. 

And even though Walmart had a long headstart on Amazon, in 2019 Amazon zoomed past Walmart to become the biggest retailer on the planet. 

Not online. In the whole world

If only 1 out of 100,000 people want something, good luck trying to make a living fulfilling that demand. 

How would you find them, reach them, and send them what they want? Even online, that’s too tall of an order. It’d cost you millions of dollars or more. 

1 out of 100,000 is too low of demand… except when it’s not.

That’s over 70,000 people worldwide. If you could theoretically reach all 70,000 and sell them something that puts ten bucks in your pocket for each… you’re making more money than 99% of most online gurus. 

You can’t reach all of them, and even if you could, not everyone would buy… but you can reach most of them. 

And most of them will buy. 

No, not from you, a complete stranger. But from Amazon. And they’ll buy off their phones with one click, and it will show up at the door like magic, often in less than 2 days. 

Amazon will take a cut for this service, but there will be a big chunk left over for you. Amazon will send you that money every other week to your bank account of choice. 

…and no one is really, truly taking advantage of this, even most successful Amazon sellers.

Why? They haven’t done the math I guess. 

These products you sell won’t seem to make sense. They will be too weird, or too boring or too obscure or whatever. Everyone else steps over them, overlooks them, or isn’t even aware they exist, including almost all Amazon sellers

They missed Bezos’ real plan. 

But not you. You won’t miss it. You’ll eat it up and laugh all the way to the bank, once you learn the process:

… and learn it for free. 

There is a reason I was able to get who I consider the best expert on the planet for showing you this approach, and get him to do it for free. 

He does have a motive, and no, it’s not a piece of your business. 

And no, it’s impossible for him to saturate this because (1) there are too many of these obscure products, and tons of new ones popping up every day than never existed yesterday and (2) most people won’t take a deep enough look at this, because it’s not “sexy” or the latest bright, shiny object.

Their loss. Your gain. And gain you shall by going here right now:

…to discover this best approach for Amazon in 2020. Check it out asap. 

~ Reggie

Reggie Patterson is a full time mid-level internet marketer. He specializes in Youtube, inbound marketing, product creation, membership sites, affiliate marketing, and helping others do the same.