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Top 10 Reasons To Create Your Own Information Product Now

You’ve heard the stories. You’ve read the blog posts and you’ve watched as other marketers succeeded with selling information products. You’d like to give it a try yourself but you’re still on the fence. Here are ten reasons you should start creating your own information product today… Reason #1: Learn New Skills Creating an information… Read More »

5 Ideas To Work Affiliate Links Into Your Blog Content

Affiliate links can be a great way to earn income from your blog. By promoting the goods or services of someone else, you earn a commission on each sale. It can be a much more efficient monetization method than creating your own products. However, promoting affiliates can also be kind of tricky. After all, you… Read More »

Monetize Your Niche

If you’ve been following us on our journey we’ve picked a niche AND built a business foundation (squeeze page) within that niche. Now we need to decide how we’re going to make money with our new business. First, let me say that there are many ways that you can monetize your new business. Many of… Read More »