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Content Marketing Sales Funnel Strategy – Part 3

Once you establish trust and the value of your offerings in your content marketing sales funnel strategy, now it’s time to start sending more emails that can close the sale, turn your subscribers into lifetime customers and then turn your customers into superfans and advocates that help you spread the word and share your content… Read More »

Content Marketing Sales Funnel Strategy – Part 2

Once you move someone to your email list, it’s important for you to gain their trust and establish value with them. This is often called the “know, like, trust” factor and is essential for building your business. In fact, trust-building is the first goal of content marketing via email. Without trust, your audience will be… Read More »

Content Marketing Sales Funnel Strategy – Part 1

The first thing you need to do for any content marketing sales funnel strategy you’re going to develop for your business is to know why you’re doing it. Every single piece of content needs a reason for being that is tied to a very specific and measurable goal. Get Their Attention When you’re focused on… Read More »

Using Content Marketing To Support Your Business

Content marketing really hasn’t changed much since its inception. The only thing that changes are the tools at your disposal for making content marketing work for you. Tools like blogs, social media, email autoresponders, streaming video, and more are developed all the time. Often there are multiple options for each type of tool such as… Read More »

Using Content Marketing To Pull In New Customers

One goal for content marketing is to continuously draw in new potential customers so that you can get on the radar of your target audience. With content marketing, you can help create a great first impression, remind existing customers of your offers, and delight them too. But first, you must draw them in. Let’s look… Read More »

Content Marketing 101

Having a content marketing plan for your business is one of the most crucial marketing strategies you need to implement. One of the surprising things you may not realize, however, is that content marketing is not new, and you are probably doing some aspect of it already. Content marketing is used to grab attention, qualify… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quick Start! – Part 4

Hi there and welcome back to The Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quickstart. I’ve really enjoyed reviewing this strategy. It’s probably the most simple strategy you can use to passively make money as an affiliate marketer. We’re now on the last part and today we’ll be talking about traffic. So now we need to spend… Read More »

Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

We are now on our final day of this little content marketing tutorial and today we’re going to talk about outsourcing your content marketing. As you guys have seen there’s a lot that goes into content marketing. You can do it piece by piece promoting this or that, OR you can do an entire content… Read More »

A Content Marketing Campaign

Today we’re going to take everything we’ve learned so far about content marketing and APPLY it with creating a content marketing campaign for one of our money makers! We’re going to pick a money maker, decide how long our content marketing campaign will run, create our content, and get it out there using a schedule.… Read More »

Using Content Marketing For Traffic

What I wanted to review with you today is how you can use content marketing to get traffic to just about anything you want. Now I’m assuming that you have a proper business foundation setup. Meaning you have something up and going where you can build your list (like a squeeze page) and that you… Read More »