How to Get Affiliates Excited to Promote Your Info Product Launch

By | July 27, 2020

You’d love to build an army of affiliates to promote your info product launch and sell your products for you. Then all you’re left to do is payout commissions and handle the occasional customer support message. It’s a great way to make a living.

There’s just one problem—you need to build that list of affiliates and you want them to be excited about promoting you. Here’s how to pump your affiliates up in just a few easy steps…

Offer a Good Commission Rate

The biggest mistake new info product creators make when it comes to launching a product is setting a commission rate too low. For example, if you’re selling a digital information product for $10 and you set a commission rate of 10%; your affiliate only earns $1 per sale.

Affiliates often spend a lot of time promoting offers. They send out promotional emails, answer questions about your product, and recommend you to their community on social media.

All of this effort is work and affiliates want to be paid fairly for their time. That’s why many affiliates want a 50% commission on low-tier items (usually anything under $100). When it comes to more expensive products, affiliates won’t mind if your commission rate is lower because they’ll still make a fair amount when a customer buys through their link.

Hold a Fun Contest

Another way to get affiliates excited about your digital product launch is to hold a contest. This lets affiliates compete with each other for prizes. Your prize can be cash (like $250 bonus) or it can be a tangible item (like an iPad Mini). Make sure to pick a juicy prize so affiliates are eager for the chance to win it.

Once you know what the prize is, you need to set the contest period. Keep it open for 7-14 days as this gives affiliates plenty of opportunities to promote your product. If you already have multiple products and an army of affiliates then you could easily set a contest period for 30 days.

Keep affiliates energized and enthusiastic about your contest by posting daily leaderboards. When an affiliate sees how close they are to the top, they’re likely to start a fresh round of promotions in the hopes they can close the gap.

Create Stellar Affiliate Content

Some affiliates won’t promote your offer because they don’t have time to create content about your product. They’d love to help you and may even promise to promote your product later.

However, you can help these affiliates by creating some amazing content about your product. Go BIG with this idea and create banners and other graphics your affiliates can use, articles they can post to their blogs, and emails they can quickly customize for their list.

Use Retargeting with Your Ads

One website encourages affiliates by reminding them that they have a Facebook re-targeting system. This means they have Facebook advertisements and when Facebook recognizes the user’s computer, it shows them the ad for your product all over again. Doing this boosts the likelihood that a customer will buy the item.

But the interesting thing is that the company sets it so the original affiliate gets credit even if the customer clicks through from Facebook. Therefore, even if the customer doesn’t buy immediately, the affiliate may still see a juicy commission.

Remember, affiliates do want to support you and your information product launch. Make it easy for them with promotional content and you have to get them excited about the possibilities!

Reggie Patterson is a full time mid-level internet marketer. He specializes in Youtube, inbound marketing, product creation, membership sites, affiliate marketing, and helping others do the same.

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