Follow Your Passion Or Not? (Rant)

By | May 5, 2020

There are two schools of thought on crushing it online. 

The first is to follow your passion. The second is more of a cold, hard analytical approach. Both can be made to work. There is value in each. 

There are also big problems. 

The upside of following your passion is that it is more likely to be an enjoyable journey, regardless of if it succeeds or not. 

Plus, selling is a transference of feeling as much as anything, and the only way you can make money online is when something gets sold. 

The downside of passion can be selfish. When it comes to any business – online or offline – the market wants what the market wants. Not what you or I think it wants. Not what it should want. Not what is best for it. 

Following Your Passion is the Most Exciting Yet Riskiest Approach

You can knock it out of the park, or you can fall flat on your face. Most passion followers end up eating dirt. 

You can go “all data” instead, but it has its challenges, too. The plus is that you can be sure of what the market wants because you know what the market is already buying.

If you can just get to them first with the same type of product… or if you can make a slightly better product… you can do extremely well for yourself. 

Many fortunes are made in very boring businesses just doing that. 

The problems with data are how accurate is the data you get, and are you correctly interpreting that data? 

If Bill Gates goes into a bar and there are 20 other people in that bar…

The Average Person In That Bar Is Worth Over A Billion Dollars

That’s a factually true yet worthless piece of data. 

Many gurus and online influencers will cherry pick their numbers or facts or misrepresent an opportunity based on stats. Sometimes this deceit is done intentionally to mislead but often it’s done out of sheer ignorance. 

Well intentioned, but disastrous just the same. 

What’s the best approach then – passion or data? You don’t have to pick…. 

You can have it both ways. 

When you get started, your “why” is often strong and obvious. You want financial independence for a very specific, very clear reason. 

Then over time, that picture fades and you start to focus more and more on the money itself, instead of what it can do for you. This is natural, but it leaves you disconnected. 

If you stay strong and true to your why, you can get passionate about any money making endeavour, because you know how you’ll transform yourself and the world around you with that newfound wealth. 

This is how you can sell the most boring, overlooked, mundane products online, but be more excited and passionate about it than people who stand on stage and speak to thousands of people and have millions of followers online. 

There is the story of this guy named Raul who tried every scheme under the sun to get financial freedom. 

He Failed Every Time

His wife had lost faith in him along the way. She loved him but was disappointed in him. Worse, he was disappointed in himself. He felt he let her down.

Now if you knew Raul, you’d know what a great, standup guy he is. It’s hard to find a better, finer human being. But he was broke just the same and his relationship with his soulmate was suffering. 

He started selling some very boring products in a field he knew nothing about and had zero previous experience in… and he started bringing in money. Not a lot at first, just a few grand a month. But he was only putting in a few hours of work. 

You can spot the passion in him a mile away. He oozed it. Not from the money, or the product, or his mission… but because he had restored his faith in himself, and he had honored his wife and his 4 children…

While “Doing It By The Numbers”

You may be aware that selling products on Amazon is, according to USA Today, the best way to earn a living online. 

What most aren’t aware is that Amazon publishes its data, so it’s 100% accurate. You know exactly how well each product in each category is selling. This number is updated every hour of every day

If you look a little deeper, there are all sorts of other definitive data that can inform you exactly of what products you can sell on Amazon that require the least effort to start making sales. To be clear, we’re talking a handful of sales a day, not a million. 

But they are consistent, and largely hands-off, and it doesn’t take much to get some momentum. Raul went from selling his product part time on Amazon while working over 40 hours a week as a critical care unit nurse, to full time over the course of a year. 

He went from a couple grand to a couple more, to low five figures per month to mid five figures a month within 18 months. Along the way his child had special needs that the public schools couldn’t deal with. There was a private school which was perfect for his son, but until he started on Amazon, he knew he could never afford the tuition. 

Now his son is enrolled in that school and thriving.

That Is Where Passion Lives

I’m not a huge fan of jumping into something head first, burning bridges and taking huge risks. I know that is the “entrepreneurial way” but it needn’t be for you. 

You can have as much reward without all that risk. And enjoy it, too. 

As long as you do it like this

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~ Reggie

Reggie Patterson is a full time mid-level internet marketer. He specializes in Youtube, inbound marketing, product creation, membership sites, affiliate marketing, and helping others do the same.