Do These Beliefs Resonate With You?

By | June 1, 2020

Beliefs are funny things. 

They don’t have to be objectively true. In fact, they almost never are. What matters only is if you believe it, because what you believe will automatically shape how you act and behave. 

Let me toss over to you some beliefs worth chewing on. See if any resonate with you. I give you permission to adopt any of these beliefs if they feel right to you.

Belief: Human Beings Are Capable Of Doing Great Things No Matter What

How does that land with you? It isn’t necessarily a fact of life, yet it’s easy to validate.

How many times have you heard stories of people put in the worst conditions and that is what brings out the best in them? Or how people in the last stages of their life still start empires? Did you know Colonel Sanders didn’t get Kentucky Fried Chicken going until he was 65? 

If you choose to believe that human beings are capable of great things no matter what, how would that help you go through life? Would it make you smile more? Would it make you want to give more of yourself to others?

Especially when you consider this next one…

Belief: The More You Give Of Yourself, The More You Will Receive

Is that really true? I don’t know! 

When I believe it though, I notice I feel better, fuller, happier. As a result, I’m more pleasant to be around.

I heard it once put that success is something you attract, not pursue. When you’re feeling full within yourself, then it seems – like magic – that the right kind of people just find their way to you.

Belief: No Matter What You Have Done Or What Has Happened To You, YOU Deserve To Be Happy

Abraham Lincoln said people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Most of us have been bullied into feeling like happiness has to be earned instead of felt. There are 7 billion plus people on this earth and every single one of them has made many mistakes. 

Ironically the most successful people often have the most trouble being happy, because they think when they achieve something then they can be happy. But why put a condition on it? 

This is not kindergarten level thinking. 

This type of thinking is aimed for the small, select few out there who are not resigned to settle for whatever lot in life they are initially given. 

I believe you are one such soul, who is ready to up-level your happiness, your results and your connections with those around you. 

And it only costs you a bit of daily focus for one measly week. You game?

unite challenge

For 100% free, you can join the Unite Challenge. It’s a live, interactive community that kicks off very soon, and I want you involved in it. 

The first day of the challenge is all about examining your existing beliefs, and then trying on new ones. We try on clothes and shoes before we buy them, so why not beliefs? Put on a belief and see if you like it. If not, try on the next one.

If you put in just a bit of effort on each day, it will be impossible for you not to walk away better. Most people go through life like windup toys. They get spun up and just go marching off in a direction, powerless to do anything until their power runs out. 

Other people try to change their habits by altering their behaviors. 

The problem with this approach is it only works about 1% of the time. Take gym memberships. Most people who sign up for a membership never actually use it to create a physical improvement. While the intent and motivation is there, the belief is out of line, and that will beat out motivation and intent almost every single time. 

The right belief shift though? 

You’d automatically get fitter as a result, willpower not required. Heck, you wouldn’t even need a gym membership because with the right belief, you could make improvements to your physical fitness under any situation. Yet the wrong belief and a 100 gym memberships, personal trainers and the latest science won’t save you. 

If you lack in anything right now, that lack starts with a malignant belief. You will be guided through the process to root out these malignant beliefs and – like a wave from a magic wand – transform them into the right beliefs.

Everybody has their own unique set of beliefs that will make them the best version of themselves, yet the process for each person to do this is exactly the same. 

What I’m most excited about is that once you learn the process, we insist you use it to help others, too. And if you want to monetize it, you can. We’ll break that down, too. 

Check it out here:

…and know that what I talked about today is just one small part of the Unite Challenge

Reggie Patterson is a full time mid-level internet marketer. He specializes in Youtube, inbound marketing, product creation, membership sites, affiliate marketing, and helping others do the same.