Content Marketing Sales Funnel Strategy – Part 3

By | May 28, 2020

Once you establish trust and the value of your offerings in your content marketing sales funnel strategy, now it’s time to start sending more emails that can close the sale, turn your subscribers into lifetime customers and then turn your customers into superfans and advocates that help you spread the word and share your content far and wide.

Use Your Content Marketing Sales Funnel to Close the Sale

You can accomplish this with mostly email content, but you can also use that content to bring your list members to your online communities and website more often, too, which can help you use the entire community to close the sale. Closing the sale is the goal, so let’s look at how you can use content to do that…

Product Videos

Providing examples of your product by using videos of someone using it or showing it can help a lot. Let’s say you have a mastermind community that has a monthly membership you’re selling. By recording your desktop and your voice, show them what’s inside the community. You can even ask your members to record what they love about the community and share that.

Product Sales Pages / Landing Pages

Of course, every single product or service you offer should have its own sales / landing page. You may want more than one for each product, depending on the audience personas you’ve developed. Some might be short, and some might be longer. Some might be video-based, and some may be all text-based.

Blog Product Updates

You can also blog about your product changes, updates, and research to build buzz. You should blog about it then share it on your social media accounts. For example, if you’re building a cover for your latest eBook, why not share the working cover and ask for opinions?

Customer Success Stories

Sharing the success of your customers is also a great way to close a sale. Anyone on the fence who sees an interview or case study about the impact your solution has had on other people will make them want it right now. These can exist on your website as well as within your email autoresponder and shared and promoted on social media.

Case Studies

When you have an impactful report about the value your products are creating, it’s important to create a case study to share. You can share that case study in email, on your website and blog, on social media, and even at live events.

Free Trials

This works best with software, membership sites, and things that will not require you to do extra work for free. If you can automate the delivery, consider giving a free trial to attract users and convert them to buyers.

Webinar Product Demonstrations

Anytime you have anything to demo, doing a recording or hosting a live webinar to showcase the product is a great way to get people excited about your product or service.

Product Overview PDF

Sometimes, people really need to see everything in one handout. This is especially true for affiliates if you have them (and you should). Giving them a product overview sheet can really help clarify the benefits in one glance.

Training Material

Even if they have not fully bought into your product yet, giving them access to training materials is a great way to show the value of your product because they can see how to best utilize it. And best of all, you can also use this content for post-purchase customer loyalty.

Comparison Matrices

This works well for different types of products, but you mostly see it for software. You can show the audience how your offering benefits them more than the other offerings by creating a one-sheet comparison.


Put an FAQ (frequently asked questions) about every product or service you offer that you can keep updated as more questions and answers come in.

Live Chat

Right at the time your future customer is thinking about clicking the buy button, they may have a question that they could not answer via your FAQ.

If closing the sale is your desire, then it’s important that you understand who your customer is, where they are in their buying journey, and how they entered your marketing funnel. A lot of this content can be repurposed and reused in other areas of your funnel too.

Use Your Content Marketing Sales Funnel to Turn Your Subscribers into Lifetime Customers

Did you know that it costs several times more to get a new customer than it does to please the ones you have? Creating lifetime customers is a challenge that every business owner should embrace. What’s more, is that you can turn satisfied customers into brand advocates too, thus getting even more out of your efforts.

When you have the goal of creating lifetime customers, you need to focus your content on your satisfied customers. You can send the content to them in email, in a private group or forum, one-on-one, in a membership group, and directly in the mail.

The type of content you’ll create to turn them into lifetime customers will consist of much of the same types of content you’ve already given them, but since they’re already on your list, you can do it more directly.

In fact, some marketers suggest that this is the point at which you turn your funnel upside down and start over dripping information to your customers about future products and services, as well as affiliate offers you know will help them.

Segment Your Customers

Don’t just segment your customers based on buyers and non-buyers. Segment them further based on their interests, behavior, specific purchases, and more. The more segmented you can make your customers, the more individual you can get with the type of content you deliver to them.

Understand Your Goals

When you are focused on customer retention, it’s important to also focus on repeat and future purchases. You can accomplish this by following up aggressively with your customers to welcome them, show them how to use your products, and to seek their opinion about how you’re doing. Plus, by creating more products that are designed just for your customers who purchased a product from you already.

Focus on User-Centric Design

The design of your site should be focused on your users. It’s not about what you find beautiful or what you think works; it’s what your audience – and especially your customers – believe they need to make the content or website work for them.

Survey Your Customers

You need to know how your customers feel about your brand and whether they are emotionally committed to it or not. Plus, it’s important to determine how they feel about your products and services in terms of their value and whether the perceived value guides them to make more purchases and or participate in brand advocacy.

Use Remarketing Technology

Today, you can use technology to market directly to your customers using their email addresses as well as by using special code given to you by the advertising platform you chose – such as Facebook, Google, Bing, and Twitter. You can literally deliver more information to your customers this way that only they see.

Send the Right Content

With your goal being to create lifetime customers, you’ll want to send the right content to them based on the knowledge you have about them. Absolutely invite them to your community at this point because the best way to build true lifetime customers is to get even closer to them and touch base with them daily.

Content marketing at this point in your relationship with your customers is all about delivering information about how to use the product or service purchased and what they might want to learn about or do next.

The more often you can connect with them, the more opportunities you have to build loyalty. Focus on many relevant touch points in terms of content such as videos, exclusive live events, sneak peeks, and behind the scenes information. Make them feel like they are part of your business, and they really will be.

Use Your Content Marketing Sales Funnel to Turn Your Customers into Superfans

If you set the goal and intention of creating advocates and ambassadors for your business, you will be able to modify a lot of your content to use at this place in your content marketing funnel. This is another reason content marketing is so powerful. Content can be redesigned, repurposed, updated, and made to work in a variety of circumstances within your content marketing funnel.

Deliver Customer-Centric Service

Everyone says customers are first, but so few deliver on that idea. If you are just slightly better than average delivering customer service, you’re already most of the way there. Regardless of whether your customer is engaging with you in email, on social media, or elsewhere, they should feel at home, as if everything was made for them – because it is.

Use Multi-Touch Points

When you follow up with your customers, try to engage with them in many places – such as social media, email, your website, community forums, and so forth. The more opportunities you have to touch base with them in some way, the more they’ll start to rely on you.

Engage on Social Media

Social media needs to be a two-way street to work properly. Yes, use automation to update your social media pages but do spend a significant amount of time engaging actively with your audience on the platforms. Answer questions, ask questions, like things, share stuff, be relevant, be real, and it will show.

Highlight Successful Customers on Your Blog

You can create blog posts about your customers by highlighting successful customers. Most customers like being mentioned, but you should always get permission before doing that on your blog. Case studies are very popular. This content can be made into audio, video, and text and used on many different platforms after posting it all to your blog.

Incentivize Your Customers

The other way to create superfans and advocates is to just pay them. You can pay them in points, credits, and real money as affiliates when they refer your products, services, and you to their friends and family. You can even host a contest for your customers to win something that will get tons of buzz.

Ask Your Customers What They Want

Periodically ask your customers directly what they want. You can do this via email, host a webinar, or by posting a survey. You can even host workshops that enable you to get closer to your customers so that you can find out what they want. Incidentally, everything there is also content that you can use there and elsewhere.

Make Appealing Offers

When you do make offers to your customers, they should be super appealing and relevant to them. If you are sending recommendations about other people’s products or services, you better try them out and make sure they’re awesome so that your customers always trust you.

Let Them Be the Hero

The neatest thing about having brand advocates in your customers is that they can be a hero for someone who needs your solutions. Let them. It’s fabulous to let them feel as if they’ve done something amazing simply by recommending your products to their friends and family. Thank them sincerely because you know you wouldn’t be here without them.

Automate Customer Feedback for Every Product or Service

One of the easiest things you can do to promote brand advocacy, create superfans, and get the word out about your business using content is to automate customer feedback for every single product or service you offer. After they’ve had enough time to try and use the product, send the survey to them at least three times until they fill it out.

The great thing about actively creating content designed for customer retention to create lifetime customers, and creating more products to increase customer lifetime value, is that it opens the door for you to also create superfans and advocates that will help you spread the word about your content far and wide.

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