Content Marketing Sales Funnel Strategy – Part 2

By | May 26, 2020

Once you move someone to your email list, it’s important for you to gain their trust and establish value with them. This is often called the “know, like, trust” factor and is essential for building your business. In fact, trust-building is the first goal of content marketing via email. Without trust, your audience will be afraid to spend money with you for a variety of reasons.

Use Your Content Marketing Sales Funnel To Gain Their Trust

So often, people are tricked and scammed online, so your job is to teach your subscribers who you are as a brand and a business owner, while getting to know them more so that mutual like and trust and respect develops. Once that happens, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Always Get Permission

There are email software packages that allow you to do one-click permissions so that if someone downloads your freebie, they are automatically on your list without a double opt-in, but you should ensure that you really do have their permission by adding a click box on the form that says they’ve given permission to receive email messages from you.

Implement Double Opt-in When Appropriate

Even though the technology exists as mentioned above, you can use double opt in to improve trust by enabling it when it’s appropriate, such as if your audience is uneducated about email marketing. It gives you another chance to get their permission.

Be Very Clear About Who is Sending Messages

Don’t use a “no-reply” email. That is only for huge corporations that don’t care about their customers so much. You are a small business owner, and it’s always better for you to use your name, and an appropriate email address with your business domain that can be answered and replied to that is also monitored.

Tell Them What to Expect in Advance

Always be clear when your audience is providing their email address why you need it and what you’re going to do with it. Tell them what you’re going to do in advance. For example, that you’ll send a couple emails per day regarding your niche or a weekly newsletter, or whatever you plan to do with the email. Be upfront and honest about it.

Be Transparent and Honest

Always be upfront and honest about everything you do online and offline. People notice dishonesty and will even accept dishonesty, so when you are transparent and honest, it really pays off.

Ensure Your Messages Have a Customer-First Approach

When you write any type of content, it’s imperative that you are clear on exactly who you want to consume the content and what you want them to do after. It’s always about them first.

Focus on Message Context

When sending any type of email, it’s imperative that the message is created in the right context, meaning it should be the right message for the right person and sent at the right time. You can only know this if you study your audience and your niche in an ongoing manner.

Use Personalization to Your Advantage

Autoresponder software has many opportunities for personalization that you can incorporate into every message. You can mention the person’s name directly in each email so that it appears to be a one-on-one message – even though it goes out to everyone who signed up for that list.

Cross-Promote Other Platforms

Always promote your other platforms for communication such as your social media platforms to your email subscribers. Add a message every few days that invites members to view you on social media so that they can follow you at every location you appear.

Set Up These Nine Emails Right Away

There are a few emails that every single member of your list should receive. Each will, of course, be customized and slightly different depending on what freebie or product they downloaded or purchased to get on your list.

  1. Welcome Message – Just what it says but use the welcome message to remind them how they got on the list and what to expect from you going forward – and then stick to it.

  2. Provide Social Proof – People trust others because they are trusted by people that they look up to and trust already. In fact, studies show that buyers are more likely to buy from you if you have testimonials and reviews by others, even if they don’t know them. If you can provide proof of this to your audience, you should create content that does that and send it via email.

  3. Product Demonstrations – Even if you don’t have something to directly demonstrate in a video, for example, you can still give an overview of your products or services pictorially and in words. This will give them an idea of what they’d be paying for with their hard-earned money.

  4. Invites to Webinars and Live Events – Webinars can be recorded, and they can be live. You can also plan live YouTube events and events on other platforms or even in-person events, depending on your business model. By inviting your audience to see your work in other ways, you further establish your expertise, and that builds more trust.

  5. Send Copies of Live Transcripts – Anytime you do any type of events, always get a transcript made. You can send out copies of your live event transcripts within your email to explain a concept or further drive home a point.

  6. A Surprising Extra – Sometimes it’s fun to shake things up and send some juicy gossip, or to stir up some controversy and intrigue with your audience. Think about eliciting fear, curiosity, desire, awe, authority, or even humor in your message and how that would affect the audience.

  7. Last Chance or Special One Time Offers – Email is the best place to send all your last chance or special offers. You can make these short and sweet too and intermix with your other educational and informative content.

  8. Discount Coupons – While discounts are always a nice surprise, send discounts later in the series so that they have a chance to buy your products at full price. If they are resistant or not opening emails or something else like that, you can send discounts and point it out in the subject line to get them to open. You can also send discounts to each buyer for the next product when they’ve had enough time to use the first one. It’s always nice to give special discounts to your VIP customers on the regular. It always costs less to keep a customer than to attract a new one.

  9. Surveys and Bonus Material – The other email you should set up is one offering a survey to help you get to know them better or other types of bonus material that helps them get to know you better, such as a link to a behind-the-scenes YouTube video or a checklist that helps them use your product better.

Thankfully, you can build trust with your audience by using content and your autoresponder. Once your audience gets on your list, if you have set up your autoresponder correctly, it’ll make trust-building mostly hands-off. However, you must follow a few best practices for building trust with your audience via email marketing.

Use Your Content Marketing Sales Funnel To Establish Value

Now that you’ve established trust with your audience via your autoresponder messages, it’s important to keep going so that you can show them the type of value you offer to them with your solutions. The way to do this is with more autoresponder messages that focus more on exploring the value you offer your audience.

As a business owner, one of your primary jobs is to create value. You want to create value for your audience because when they see the value in your offers, they will be more likely to take advantage of them.

The goal that you have now is to establish your value. First, you must do the research necessary to help you understand what drives value for your customers. When you know that, you can explain to the right segments of your audience more about the value of your products and services. Here are a few email content ideas that you can use to establish value…

Share Samples of Your Work or Products

You can give them an actual sample, or you can give them photographs and explanations of your work and products. Either way, it gives them a sneak peek into what you offer, so they know what to expect.

Focus Content on the Impact of Your Solutions

A good way to ensure you focus on your customers in the content you create is to focus on the impact your solutions provide your customers. This may be via case studies, testimonials, or by talking about results in general.

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

When you receive a good testimonial or do a case study, always send it on to your email subscribers. This is a great way of demonstrating the value by utilizing user-generated content. You can use video, text, and downloadable files.

Share Any Customer or Expert Reviews

If a customer or a niche expert or influencer shares a review with you of your products, services, or overall business (or just you!), always share it as fast as possible with your email subscribers. If someone else sees value in your solutions, so will your list members.

Create Benefit-Focused Content About Each Product You Promote

When you look at each product or service, try to narrow down the benefits of each feature and focus on the benefits over the features in your emails.

Focus on Your Paying Customers

It cost a lot more to get a new customer than it does to satisfy and delight your existing customers. For this reason, create more products and services that are progressively more valuable (and expensive) designed exclusively for your current paying customers.

If Appropriate, Use Humor

Emails can sometimes be boring, and due to that, it is hard for them to end up being read – even if you are lucky enough to design good headlines that get them opened. Try to use humor and liven up the tenor of your emails.

Always Follow Up

Following up after every content that had a call to action included – no matter whether it was for a survey, about a product, or something else – is an important part of creating emails that establish value. Sending an email pointing out the value of the product they bought and how to get it will do wonders for your campaigns.

Establishing value is always all about your customers and what they perceive as value. You may be able to discover this by analyzing your best products and services to find out what they like most. You may also be able to identify more value points by interacting in communities. But it’s clear that the best way is to study your audience to find out what they value and then make sure you give them what they want.

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