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A Content Marketing Campaign

Today we’re going to take everything we’ve learned so far about content marketing and APPLY it with creating a content marketing campaign for one of our money makers! We’re going to pick a money maker, decide how long our content marketing campaign will run, create our content, and get it out there using a schedule.… Read More »

Using Content Marketing For Traffic

What I wanted to review with you today is how you can use content marketing to get traffic to just about anything you want. Now I’m assuming that you have a proper business foundation setup. Meaning you have something up and going where you can build your list (like a squeeze page) and that you… Read More »

A Getting Started Traffic Strategy

At this point you should have picked your niche, gotten your business foundation setup (squeeze page), and have at least a rough plan of how you’re going to monetize your business. As I said previously, my biggest focus right now will be filling my content hub with great information that I know will help my… Read More »