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13 Ways You Can Make Money Writing Starting Today

When people ask me what I do for a living, frankly I don’t know what to say. I usually say, I’m self-employed. Or “I blog.” Or “I’m semi-retired.” And they’re all true. In fact, so are these answers, and I’ve probably used them all over the years… I own a publishing company. I’m an affiliate… Read More »

Remember Saturday Morning Cartoons?

When I was a kid I loved getting up early to watch cartoons. My favorites were Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner. There was something about having just three or four TV channels to choose from that made it extra special. Man, how times have changed. Nowadays kids spend hours watching videos on YouTube and Instagram.… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quick Start! – Part 4

Hi there and welcome back to The Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quickstart. I’ve really enjoyed reviewing this strategy. It’s probably the most simple strategy you can use to passively make money as an affiliate marketer. We’re now on the last part and today we’ll be talking about traffic. So now we need to spend… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quick Start! – Part 2

Welcome back to our little series on creating passive profits with affiliate marketing. At this point you should have found 3-5 niches, figured out their problems and are now ready to see if we can find products that solve those problems. Today is the day where we are going to pick our income streams that… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quick Start!

What I’m going to be reviewing with you throughout this latest series is how to create passive incomes as an affiliate marketer. This is a super easy system that if you actually put the work in you’ll have a killer little system that will allow you to create sales as an affiliate marketer passively! System… Read More »