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13 Ways You Can Make Money Writing Starting Today

When people ask me what I do for a living, frankly I don’t know what to say. I usually say, I’m self-employed. Or “I blog.” Or “I’m semi-retired.” And they’re all true. In fact, so are these answers, and I’ve probably used them all over the years… I own a publishing company. I’m an affiliate… Read More »

A Content Marketing Campaign

Today we’re going to take everything we’ve learned so far about content marketing and APPLY it with creating a content marketing campaign for one of our money makers! We’re going to pick a money maker, decide how long our content marketing campaign will run, create our content, and get it out there using a schedule.… Read More »

Simple Content Creation

Today is all about content creation, so we’re going to just dive right in here and get to talking about creating. After the last post you should have been able to define your money makers, and then pick one of them and come up with content topics (using the research tactics I showed you to… Read More »

Using Content Marketing For Traffic

What I wanted to review with you today is how you can use content marketing to get traffic to just about anything you want. Now I’m assuming that you have a proper business foundation setup. Meaning you have something up and going where you can build your list (like a squeeze page) and that you… Read More »