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What Is Personalized Marketing Exactly?

A personalized marketing strategy is characterized by laser-focused, one-on-one, and high-touch marketing practices that can be accomplished using both old and new technology. You’ll want to apply these marketing strategies to a very specific customer that you’ve already sold something to. When you use personalization marketing, you will identify, differentiate, interact, and customize your content… Read More »

Why Personalized Marketing?

This article begins an exciting series where we will be talking about all things personalized marketing.  Personalization marketing goes further than using technology to add your customer’s name in an email automatically, and it goes further than auto-segmenting your market.  It goes right into individual and one-on-one marketing using the data you collect to create… Read More »

Can You Make a Living with Part Time Affiliate Marketing?

All the gurus say affiliate marketing is so easy. If that’s true, why are there literally millions of affiliate marketers earning $0 month after month. The thing is, affiliate marketing is NOT as easy as most gurus make it out to be. You can’t just pick a product or service at JVZoo, Clickbank, Amazon, ShareaSale… Read More »

The 2 Steps To Successful Affiliate Marketing

Today I’ll show you a simple two-step process you can use to cash in with affiliate marketing. Who knows, maybe you can eventually quit your day job like I did recently. But first, check out today’s top sponsor… If you’re a retiree, stay at home mom, unemployed or just want to make money online part-time,… Read More »

The 4 Big Super Affiliate Secrets

In today’s post, I’ll share some secrets that super affiliates use, so you can join their ranks and start earning even more affiliate commissions. After all, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. And here’s why… You don’t need to create or stock any products. You don’t need to process… Read More »

Bigger Affiliate Commissions with a Free Screen Recorder?

With all the people getting into affiliate marketing the last few years, it is no wonder the competition is getting stiff. The challenge is to think of ways to outperform other affiliates. Here’s a resource and strategy I’ve used successfully in the past and plan to use more in the coming months and years….… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quick Start! – Part 4

Hi there and welcome back to The Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quickstart. I’ve really enjoyed reviewing this strategy. It’s probably the most simple strategy you can use to passively make money as an affiliate marketer. We’re now on the last part and today we’ll be talking about traffic. So now we need to spend… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quick Start! – Part 2

Welcome back to our little series on creating passive profits with affiliate marketing. At this point you should have found 3-5 niches, figured out their problems and are now ready to see if we can find products that solve those problems. Today is the day where we are going to pick our income streams that… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income Quick Start!

What I’m going to be reviewing with you throughout this latest series is how to create passive incomes as an affiliate marketer. This is a super easy system that if you actually put the work in you’ll have a killer little system that will allow you to create sales as an affiliate marketer passively! System… Read More »